Wednesday , February 21 2018

Free Java hosting

free java hosting

Java is a popular programming language now days. Java technology is used to develop applications for a wide range of environments, from consumer devices to heterogeneous enterprise systems. “Write once, run anywhere” (WORA), or sometimes write once, run everywhere (WORE), is a slogan created by Sun Microsystems to illustrate the cross-platform benefits of the Java language. The greatest advantage of …

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DataTables with Sorting, Searching and Paging


In web development every developer needs table to show data in tabular format. Most of the times we retrieve data dynamically from databases. If a table contains a large number of rows, then user have to scroll the page top to bottom, or suppose users wants to search specific data in the table then he cannot find easily. To solve …

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HTML Pencil: an online HTML editor with real-time preview

HTML Pencil

HTML Pencil is an online / offline HTML editor created for modern browsers. HTML Pencil is a useful and lightweight tool for web developers. You can develop your web programming with languages like HTML, CSS, Script, and JavaScript. You can use it online or offline. For offline use you have to save following code as HTML file. E.g. “index.html” and …

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M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers free certification course


MongoDB is the next-generation database that lets you create applications never before possible. What is MongoDB? MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. It’s name derived from “humongous” MongoDB is an open-source database used by companies of all sizes, across all industries and for a wide variety of applications. It is an …

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