TechnoScripts is a blogging site that provides helpful information related various technology sections like how-to, Android, Windows, Linux, programming help, computer tricks and many more. We really want to discuss one thing the we’ll begin from the content of the blog, that is that the vital part of our Blog .

Reason for publishing TechnoScripts

Some of you may be considering our intention behind publication this disclaimer in our blog. As we are open to readers, let us tell you this too.

We would prefer to our viewers and readers to understand a lot of about our blog as well as what’s happening within the web log than the web log together with legal sides of this blog.

We would prefer to convey our compliance towards the sixteen CFR, part 255 of the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides regarding the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising choices, and therefore to make a decent plan regarding numerous types of endorsements and advertisements in TechnoScripts.

Our Published Contents

All types of contents in the TechnoScripts including text and pictures are the assets of the admin. Moreover, a copy of content without correct authorization from the owner of the web log is disallowed. In some cases, we have given credit to the supply. Since the authors of this blog are individuals, we are guaranteed to mistakes and you have to kindly forgive those mistakes relating to the accuracy of the content, although we attempt to keep things as correct as potential.

The world of Technology is often meant to rapidly change and we cannot assure you that what we have said nowadays are going to be applicable for tomorrow as well. Hereby, we might prefer to additionally tell you that we’ll not be responsible for any kind of complexions you might face once following the way to guides from TechnoScripts Neither the author of the post nor this blog are going to be liable for those monetary or personal issues or more consequences. Therefore, you ought to keep in mind that you are just following the tutorial at your own risk.

Furthermore, you might be browsing our content from another country, which could be having prohibitions to look at and use web-based content. In this case, we don’t take responsibility of any defamatory laws or statements, that have connection with the government of country, reader’s religion, etc. Obviously, the full responsibility is yours and we won’t look out of any legal problems you will face by reading the content of this blog.

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We might use a couple of affiliate links in our various topics. Once you click on the link and create a purchase of the service through an equivalent link, probably we might get a commission from the product/service. However, we solely to promote affiliate link when using the merchandise and provided that we found the product/service helpful for our beloved readers and in fact we hate unhealthy product and services, and that we ne’er suggest such things.

When you refer within the link computer address, that link is probable an affiliate link and you click might offer us some normal commission from the merchandise or service. After you click on such links followed by your purchase of that product, we’ll get a quantity of commission from the corporate. However, the commission won’t have any types of effects on the number you have to pay within the purchase.


Corresponding users and visitors are liable for every user comment you find in TechnoScripts, the author cannot take any responsibility of these comments or any more problems relating to those opinions.

Direct and Indirect Remuneration

Not all authors of this blog are blogging professionals, however they’re proficient in varied sections like android, Web, and content Development etc. Therefore, there’s an opportunity that the content within TechnoScripts might cause the rising of their fame within the blogging or physical society and therefore facilitate in gathering recognition additionally as in implicit income. We get direct incomes through some ways like by inserting ads in several elements of this web log, paid reviews, sponsored posts, etc. In a number of such sections, we could also be providing a link to the sponsor of the advert or sponsored posts.

Advertising Disclaimer

TechnoScripts may display advertisements from third-party ad networks such as Google AdSense. We do not endorse any of the products or services advertised, and we are not responsible for the content of the advertisements. You are solely responsible for any purchase you make based on the information provided in the advertisements.


Although there’s a part of remuneration additionally as social media uplift, all authors of TechnoScripts are quite dependent on what they are doing and what they write within the web log. So, through publication helpful tutorials and alternative information regarding numerous categories, like WordPress, Android, How-to, Windows, Linux, etc, we have gotten a new level of satisfaction of writing also as serving to others. Obviously, the mentioned factor is beyond English words and exists within the mind of every worker.

Changes to the Disclaimer

We reserve the right to modify, amend, or change this Disclaimer at any time without notice. Your continued use of our blog following any changes to this Disclaimer constitutes your acceptance of the changes.

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