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How to connect USB Mouse and Keyboard to android device

Now-a-days android is most popular operating system ever. Everybody has android phones and many android applications available free on Google play store. These applications we can handle by using USB mouse and keyboard.

We continuously interact with many applications, games. And we can do activities like typing (chatting) and watching videos on Android phone.
You can use a USB mouse, keyboard and game-pad with android phone or tablet. To enjoy your chatting, web surfing, gaming and many activities .
We can connect these devices to Android devices with two ways, either using Bluetooth or USB OTG (USB On-The-Go)

Ways to connect:

  1. Using Bluetooth: – We can connect wireless mouse and keyboard with bluetooth. Some bluetooth mouse like Sony Bluetooth laser mouse doesn’t require any bluetooth transceiver to connect. So we can directly connect these type of devices to phone using Bluetooth.
  2. Using USB OTG (USB On-The-Go): – We can connect wired mouse and keyboard to android device using OTG cable, for that our android phone must have an OTG support. Also you can connect both keyboard and mouse devices same time to your android phone.

See demonstration video for how to connect mouse and keyboard to phone:

  • Mouse: – Using mouse we do all activities which we do using our fingers. The extra benefit of using a mouse is, we can scroll up-down screens (Facebook timeline, long documents) easily with a mouse scroll button. Another important advantage is we can close the current application (activity) with right click of a mouse button.
  • Keyboard: – We can use all alphabets, symbols, number keys with a physical keyboard. Also we make use of some shortcuts like copy, paste, cut, delete, backspace, and navigation keys: the left arrow, up arrow, down arrow, and the right arrow. Also, we can use shortcuts for switching between apps (multitasking)(ALT + TAB), closing current application(CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or ESC)

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